Terms and conditions for .UK Domain Name Registration

Terms and conditions for .UK Domain Name Registration

1. These terms apply to all new and existing Clients of FidgetMedia seeking to register a .UK domain name.

2. Registration of .UK domain names operates on a first come first served basis. For the avoidance of all doubt, FidgetMedia may only offer registration of .UK domains in the following situations:

  • a) Where individual Clients are at least 18 years of age;
  • b) Where the Client is a UK resident. For non-UK residents a proxy will be automatically provided to enable registration. Clients acknowledge and understand that PO Boxes will be unacceptable as an address;
  • c) If the equivalent .CO.UK, .ORG.UK, .ME.UK, .LTD.UK, .PLC.UK and .NET.UK domains are available for registration, Clients may register the direct .UK domain. The client is not required to register the equivalent .co.uk at the same time with the registration of the direct .UK domain name.
  • d) Where .CO.UK domains the Client has previously registered, post 29th October 2013 00:00 GMT do not have a corresponding registration in any of the other 3rd level .UK domains (.ORG.UK, .ME.UK, .LTD.UK, .PLC.UK and .NET.UK) registered pre 28th October 2013 23:59 GMT;
  • e) Where the Client applying for the Pre-Order meets the following criteria:
    • i. Their .CO.UK domain was registered pre-28th October 2013 23:59 GMT;
    • ii. Where no .CO.UK is registered, the .org.UK is registered pre-28th October 2013 23:59 GMT;
    • iii. Where no .CO.UK or .org.UK is registered, the .ME.UK is registered pre-28th October 2013 23:59 GMT.

3. Applications are at the discretion of the registry in accordance with their terms and conditions.

4. FidgetMedia does not take responsibility for any unsuccessful applications based on incorrect information entered by Clients.

5. .UK domain names will be charged at the price advertised on the FidgetMedia website or the email communication provided to existing Clients who have registered .CO.UK domain names. These prices exclude VAT.

6. .UK domain names are charged at £3.99 (plus VAT) per year of registration and may be registered for multiple years but no more than 10 (ten) years.

7. Clients acknowledge that whilst FidgetMedia will use its' reasonable endeavours to register a .UK domain, FidgetMedia does not accept any liability if the .UK Registry (for whatsoever reason) is incapable of registering the domain name.

8. FidgetMedia does not accept liability for the unsuccessful registration of a .UK domain name which is caused by unforeseen circumstances.

9. Payment for the relevant domain the Client has registered will be taken at the time of placing the order.

10. Clients acknowledge that the "Launch Date" of 10th June 2014 is not within the control of FidgetMedia and is therefore subject to change.

11. Affiliate payments will not be paid out on the purchase of the .UK domain name(s).

12. Clients acknowledge that IPS Tag changes for .UK domain names are chargeable at the rate of £9.99 (plus VAT) per domain name.

13. Clients understand and accept that they are responsible for ensuring prior to payment that the items in their basket are the items they wish to purchase. Clients have the opportunity to remove any unwanted items or add further items before payment is taken.

14. Clients acknowledge that .UK domains purchased through FidgetMedia do not come with a WHOIS Privacy service.

15. Registration of .UK domain names is subject to FidgetMedia's General Terms and Conditions and FidgetMedia's Domain Registration, Renewal and Refund Agreement. If there is any conflict between these .UK Registration terms and the FidgetMedia General terms, then the terms set out herein shall prevail.

16. FidgetMedia reserves the right to end this service, extend this service and or amend the terms and conditions of this service at any time without the prior notice or consent of the Client. Reasonable usage applies.